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Nazism and Islam

Nazism, believed in the master race and islam believes in the master religion, and there is no real difference between them. Nazism hated Jews and Christians and islam hates Jews and Christians. Nazism was created by a very evil, demonized  creature, Hitler, and islam was created by a very evil demonized creature mohammad. Nazism was a brutal totalitarian, dictatorship, and islam is a brutal totalitarian, dictatorship. Nazism had a goal of destroying the entire Jewish race, then coming after all the Christians, Islam has a clearly stated goal of destroying the entire Jewish race, and then doing the same to all Christianity. Good people slowly came awake and aware of what nazism was all about and destroyed it, likewise good people are slowly becoming awake and aware of the hate filled goal of islam and will destroy it.


Mistletoe is a the cute little evergreen plant that has been used for years as a symbol of love. Kissing under the mistletoe has been around for a long time. In TRUTH it is a deadly leech. You can see it hanging in trees in many places, it looks like a little clump hanging here and there within its host tree. It takes a while but over few years it is quite evident as the clumps grow larger and there is more of them. After some more time you see more mistletoe than the leaves of the tree. Not much later all you see is mistletoe. If you get close to the tree you will see that all the leaves of the tree are DEAD. In fact the entire tree is DEAD or very soon will be. The mistletoe will continue to be green for quite some time , but in truth it too is now dying because it has SUCKED the entire life out of its host, and since mistletoe is ONLY a parasite it has nothing with which to sustain itself and it completely dies.
To me THAT is the perfect description of isslime!!!!!!!

Christians are sitting ducks

There have been hundred’s of thousands of Christians murdered by muslims over the last decade, and the slaughter is raging right up to this minute. Once the muslims began to realize they were going to lose simply by the fact that they could not compete in civilized humanity, they began finding reasons to declare war, and or just go out and kill people at random. Right now, this minute, a Cristian or a Jew is being stalked to be murdered somewhere on this muslim plagued planet. The muslim brother-hood was birthed, around 100 years ago, out of panic by muslime males who suddenly began to realize their chauvinistic, little demon inspired “religion” could turn to dust without them taking some drastic measures. so they started finding ways to revitalize the boys. About that time oil was found under the pitiful wasteland countries most of them lived in and as they say “the rest is history”. They mostly spent all the money attacking, and shoving muslims into (hijrah), the Western nations. They have been creating wars and causing mayhem ever since, until today there is nowhere safe from the devils best horror show,

Spitting on the graves

By inviting Islam to come into our nation and take over, and allowing socio/commieism to slowly get a strangle hold of our government is the same as spitting on the graves of every single military person who has ever given life or limb to preserve it. The b o in our White House knows full well that he is spitting on the graves of our fallen and he laughs about it.

“In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions, he makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to execute”. Abraham Lincoln ….The evil, lying old Main Stream Media know absolutely that they are spitting on the graves of the ones who have given  their all, and they are quite blatant and happy about it.

Open minded

I am sure you have heard the P C crap about being “open minded”. AS one old preacher said,”they have become so open minded that their brains fell out”. That surely sums up the entire P C gang of thugs of today. Have you ever considered why these open minded fools are so open minded about everything other than Christianity and Judaism? I will tell you why. It is because the open minded crowd are completely serving satan and they hate Christianity and Judaism because these represent the true God. The ignorant P C ers will even promote and assist the insidious evil of islam, and again it is simply because they are all serving the same power. Ol satan has the fools of P C right where he wants them and they are dumbly serving him to their own eternal judgement.

When trust turns on you

it is worse than the thing it is supposed to be protecting you from. Lets say a trusted police officer becomes a sly con and criminal himself, but he manages to continue being a police officer for an extended time, that is more damaging than the guy who has been a thief and con all his life. The lying officer has hurt many people in his role as a trusted authority figure and deserves a harsher penalty than the career criminal. So when the Pope, who is the most trusted figure to millions of Catholics, uses his position of authority and trust to beguile millions of people to think the God of the Christians and the “god” of the muslims is the same being he is doing vastly more damage than the vile religion of islam itself. He is masking, covering, hiding its evil intent from millions of people, who need to be informed of its insidious evil intent at an early time, so they can prepare to eliminate it from their midst, before it gets its vile tentacles woven so tightly into the Western fabric of life that it will become very difficult and costly to get free from. So right now the pope, the MSM, and the socio/commies in our government are doing more terror than the muslims themselves. And the Episcopaleans are not much better.

Muslims are inhuman

Actually if a muslim could become anything other than a muslim, he/she could have the potential to be human, but the “religion” if islam which makes them a muslim is so horribly degrading of human affection and sensibilities that humanness is unattainable for them. They may as little children have some sense of humanness but even “from the cradle” they begin to be taught hate, so as they grow older the human child-likeness turns into an inhuman, hardhearted, deadness which pervades their entire lives. They lack sympathy, tenderness, warmth, compassion, and pity, and tend to display cruelty, insolence, and brutality, from a quite young age. The females are owned by the males and have little value in their society so they become complacent, withdrawn, sad,  suicidal, and dull of  eyes and countenance.  There is no escape from this inhumanness as long as they are subjected to being a muslim. This surely is satans best tool he ever created to destroy humankind.

The principal of 10

Genesis 18:32 tells us that God declared He “would not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He could still find 10 decent people living there.” Well most of us know what happened, God indeed completely destroyed those two wicked cities, so completely that there was no trace of them. I have hope there are 10 decent people still in America. Actually I have hope there are maybe 10 percent of the people in America who would maybe keep God from destroying this wonderful nation. hopefully there is even a higher percentage of good folk left. The bottom line is that without God there is NO good, by that I mean no kindness, no considerateness, no helpfulness, no gentleness, no caring for others, and no hope. There are literally dozens of words we could use to describe any sort of “goodness” that would be simply gone if those carrying the presence of God were to disappear. So if you come to realize there are no more people who openly call themselves Christians around any more, you might want to find a Bible and see what it says about that. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah would be good to understand, so you will know your future, that is found in Genesis chapters 18 and 19. Be sure to read everything in red if you happen to find a red letter Bible. You will discover you still have a chance if you read and understand the Bible and accept what it is trying to tell you.

The kabod of God:

The tangible presence of God is known as Kabod, or the “weightiness” of the Spirit. It is why sometimes people cannot, in certain instances, stand up, where God actually shows up. I believe there is coming  a time, in the maybe not too distant future, where this understanding may well be needed and desired. Jesus Himself told his 12 Apostles  it was better for them, and by extension for us also, for Him to go (back to the Father) so that the Holy Spirit could come and be available to any and all who would call on Him. If Jesus knew it was that important then doesn’t it make sense that it be important to us, and especially in the quite possibly most difficult times this nation has ever known.

Our poor military leaders,

Having to deal with the likes of the pathetic dysfunctional b o in the White House, it must be about the hardest part of their job. It can be likened to an intelligent adult having to deal with a spoiled, truculent, little brat, of a child, who has been given much authority by an inheritance. Can you imagine having the safety of millions of people you are responsible for and having to run your needs and all your plans through that, constitution hating, amoral socio/commie? I can only believe there is a good God and some yet wise men, still looking after America or we would have been destroyed already. I guess we get what we deserve but I look around America and see a lot of good and Godly people still here, and sometimes wonder if we really do deserve a creature as terrible as him to be our president. God help us get someone who has intelligence, a decent heart, and actually cares about America and our guiding principals, for our next president.