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Truth Matters: Absolute Truth Matters Absolutely

Absolute Truth

Without the foundation of absolute truth there is no truth.

Without truth there is no point to life on this planet

As reasoning beings if there is no truth then there is no place to reason from so we are no better than the, non-reasoning, creatures which co-inhabit this earth. In fact without the bonding power of an absolute truth the only thing for mankind to become is an animal. Since reason is the main thing that separates humankind from the animals, if the basis of reason is missing then humans would not survive as humans.

There have been surveys done in recent years which have asked people if they believe in absolute truth. The most recent has discovered that only about 20% of the people in America believe there is such a thing. That leaves approximately 80% of Americans wandering around in unfounded reasoning. Another survey, completely apart from this one, indicated that around 80% of the people in America felt as if they were just going around in circles or simply wandering about in life rather than having any direction. It makes one wonder if the lack of having a foundational, or absolute, truth might be the cause of feeling, directionless and purposeless.