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A few more comparisons, Words mean things

Academics: Most Christians are fairly well educated and consider learning to be a life time endeavor . In Christianity all, male and female, young and old, every race and nationality, are equally encouraged to learn and become the best you can be. Recognizing individual personalities, talents and abilities all are directed in “the way that they should go”. Higher education has always been a pursuit of the God directed mind. In fact most of the great scientists down through hundreds of years have been Christians.

Socialists also seek higher learning and many of them become very well educated. They become scientists and psychiatrists and philosophers, etc. and they base their complete understanding on the teachings of other non-God teachers. They are in general capable of learning and thinking and being productive, but with no foundation of absolute truth they are prone to promote things that are anti-God as a means to justify what they do believe.

Islam has produced very little in the fields of science, art, philosophy, mathematics, the humanities, physics, or any of the schools of higher learning. It is, by design, trapped in the mind-set of the seventh century. Any country in which Islam is strong, and their legal system, sharia law, is in place there is little incentive or opportunity to learn. The females are subservient to the males and they are considered worth only one half the value of a male so consequently education for the female is unimportant at best and regarded as anathema by most males. They truly lose half of their ability to function as a people group because of this one teaching from the Koran.  In Sharia the diyah,(blood money) you pay for killing a woman is HALF of what you pay for killing a man.  also see surah & ayat 2:282, 4:11 for other female values.

Affection: How do I know what Muslims, Socialists and Christians feel or think about affection? Of course I don’t know as individuals, but in general it shouldn’t be too unreasonable to make some logical assumptions. And the effort should be of interest.

I’m sure Muslims are capable of affection, feelings, gentleness, and tenderness, yet at the same time the males seem to find it fairly easy to brutally murder their wives if they have the slightest belief that their wife has in some way “dishonored” them. They can do this because their God Allah recommends it. It doesn’t seem to take much for a female Muslim to dishonor a male Muslim. If a female allows some part of her body to be seen, from under her full body covering, called a burka, in public it can be very dishonoring. And if a female allows herself to be raped, that is so dishonoring that the female can be publicly stoned to death. That is approved by Allah also.

I suppose Socialists have affection too I’m just not sure if it comes from basic human procreating lust or if it comes from some vestige of “being made in the image of God” and they just don’t realize the source.

Christians who know that they are “made in the image of God” can experience the love, of the God who is love, and that love can be readily translated into genuine affection. I do realize that there are wounded Christians in this world who may well have difficulty in showing and receiving affection. But as they grow in their relationship with a truly loving fatherly kind of a God then love and affection will come more naturally to them.

Agnostic: Now here is a little word worth looking at through the lens of the three world views which I am considering. We can quickly dispense with the Socialist on this topic simply because the definition of the word sums up for many of them their foundational thought. “A person who thinks it is impossible to know whether there is a God or a future life, or anything beyond material experience”.

For the Christian I can be brief also. We are not agnostics. We realize there is a God and a future life and we are confident we can and will experience things beyond this present material existence.

Now the Muslim is, by their definition of their Allah, somewhat of a religious agnostic since their God is quite unknowable and unapproachable. Sure they have many rituals and many ritualistic prayers which are connecting them to their God but they have no concept of a personal individual relationship. Their future life is a bit murky as well. I’m sure many of us are aware of the 70 virgin’s thing by now, but I believe one who gets that deal has to be a male and be martyred for the faith. That leaves a lot others I suppose wondering what’s in it for them, and I don’t know if there is any place for females in the world beyond, other than being slaves to the males for all eternity.

Algeria: A place where Muslims are persecuting Christians and Socialists don’t care.

America: A place where Christianity has had a long history and influence and where Islam would like to take over and Socialists are willing to help them.

Antichrist: Both Muslims and Socialists are antichrist. The Muslims claim to think well of Jesus but they deny His claim to being the “promised one”. If Jesus is not the Christ then he is a total liar and deceiver therefor he can never be called a good man. In truth the Muslims have no concept of who the Christ is so they are in the antichrist camp.

Of course Socialists are antichrist since they are anti-god.

Christians are obviously not antichrist since they take the name of Christ willingly, even though the name Christian was put on them as a derisive term in the beginning.

Apocalypse: The twelfth Imam is something the world of Islam is taking more seriously all the time, and it is something Christians and all people should be aware of. Before I continue I must make something real clear at this point. There is no such thing as Moderate Islam. As anyone seriously studies the subject the only conclusion one can draw is that there is only weak Islam and strong Islam. Weak Islam will get along as well as it can using taqiyya ( deception ) and hudna, (temporary truce ) but it is never far from jihad and the desire to rule the world through sharia law.

Since the Muslim states have become wealthy through the sale of oil they are beginning to believe it is time for their long dreamed of conquering of the whole world and bringing it into submission to Allah. So now where there was weak compliant Islam we are beginning to see strong dominant Islam. Therefore as they are taking the possible advent of the twelfth Imam, and the apocalyptic end of the world as we know it, very seriously, the rest of the world needs to begin taking them seriously.

Christians, of course, are seeing “signs of the times” scenarios developing on the world’s stage as well, the rise of a big and powerful antichrist movement, which the Muslims and the Socialists are both a large part of, is just one such sign. And the nation of Israel being “born in a day” in 1948 was /is a huge sign. The “signs” are very numerous and not my subject at this time but they are an integral part of the apocalypse. Christians see a “great ingathering of souls” in the times before the apocalypse.

What can we say about the socialists and the apocalypse, not much, since they don’t believe in all that foolishness they are sort of left with Nostradamus and perhaps some native American “prophecies”. I can only imagine that they are planning some large drug induced stupor for their going out party.

Aristotelian: I was looking for a way to insert a thought from the Bin Laden Manual which, by the way, is interpreting Islam exactly the way it is meant to be.

“ Islamic governments have never and will never be established

through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are

established as they always have been, by pen and gun, by word

and bullet, by tongue and teeth’.

“The confrontation that Islam calls for with godless nations does

not know Socratic debates, Platonic ideals, nor Aristotelian

diplomacy. It knows only the dialogue of bullets, the ideal of

assassination, bombing and destruction, and the diplomacy of

the cannon and machine gun”.

That is Islam in a nut shell, so to speak. There are four hundred and eighty occasions in which the Koran encourages Muslims to wage jihad, so much for “Aristotelian” peace agreements and all that foolishness.

Christians see Aristotle as being an interesting guy with a lot of knowledge and understanding of the world, but since he was around nearly 400 years before the Christ he had to make up his own ideas about God which were actually fairly good but miss the absoluteness of the truth we have today through Jesus.

And I suppose Aristotle is about as close to being a god to the Socialists as they have.

Assimilate: Something the Muslims aren’t allowed to do. Wherever they go they have to set up their own form of government and live as close as they can to the dictates of the Koran.

Socialists assimilate with just about anyone other than Christians. And they “embrace” one another quite freely also.

Christians of course like to be around other Christians. We are encouraged to get together and worship God and be supportive to one another. But we are also directed to “be in the world”. In other words we are supposed to go all over the world and be the best people we can be to represent the Christ living in us to all that we meet. We can do this because we have had the “law” (Christ) “put into our minds and written on our hearts” as individual human beings.


For Instance:

Chapter : A
Abortion: This is one of the few times Christianity and Islam have much in the way of agreement, which is, simply don’t do it. To save the life of the mother, or in cases of severe deformity, and probably the result of rape, could be exceptions. The latter being only for Christians since if a female Muslim is raped she can often be honor killed.
Socialism on the other hand see’s little reason not to abort. Whatever feels good to you at the moment can quite often determine the actions of a socialist. Therefore if you decide you don’t really want the baby go ahead and abort the thing. Many Socialists do feel some need to have something to worship so large numbers of them worship the earth . These then would be very prone to not have children, so as to not have humans messing up the otherwise pure and holy earth, and abortion would come easily to them.
Absolute: How the word absolute is viewed by Christians, Muslims and Socialists is itself a meaningful study. In philosophy “the absolute” is that which is thought of as existing in and by itself, without relation to anything else”. That opens the door to the possibility of there being some sort of ”higher power” out there somewhere. Of course the Socialist mind doesn’t want to dwell on that since it would mean having to actually deal with something more intelligent than themselves, and maybe even become subject to it.
The committed Christian mind has no difficulty with the concept of an absolute. With basic study and minimal understanding it becomes very clear that there is not only an absolute but an intelligent absolute. There is a loving, caring, teaching, and happy, absolute designer of the universe.
The Allah of Islam is absolute but unknowable. I suppose if he is unknowable then his absoluteness is unknowable and his unknowableness is absolute. Any way you look at it it’s rather confusing. I do know that taqiyya is a form of deception which is advocated by Allah in order to bring all non-believers into subjection to Islam. It seems to me that if you have to lie about what you believe in order to get others to believe  it then you couldn’t be very secure in your belief, but that is the absolute that they live with. For them the absolute is deception.

Three major world views:

As I see it the three primary societal influences in our world today are, Christianity, Islam, and Socialism/Secularism. Of course there are others such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, and, today’s favorites, Humanism and Hedonism which are actually the “religion” of the Socialists, but I am choosing to compare the former three since as I see it around three fourths of all humanity fall loosely into belonging to one of these, and each one effects or afflicts the world greatly.
Setting Christian principles as the basis for absolute truth I will compare the three world views on various subjects. Jesus sets the standard high when he states “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me”. That is either absolute truth or absolute lie. Jesus is establishing Himself as the center of truth and if He is lying with this statement then nothing He said has any value whatever. There is nothing of any importance about Jesus if he speaks any lie at any time.
So starting from that simple provocative statement, and calling the “Father” God, He is simply saying that it is only through Him, His Son, that we can make contact with the unknowable, unexplainable being who resides in some unknown realm and who is the creator and maintainer of all existence. Anyone who takes that revelation as the absolute unchangeable truth is going to have an entirely different world view than someone who does not.
The Christian World View Is established on the belief that the Bible is the Fathers written
word to those who believe in Him and that the one called Jesus is His Christ (promised one)
who came as the redeemer, of all humankind, from the curse of sin and death. This Father
is a loving and kind being who wants nothing but good for all. He wants us to understand
and follow His instructions because He designed and created us and He knows what is best
for us. His followers in turn love Him and come to realize that by being faithful to Him leads
to a happy, hopeful, purposeful, fulfilled life.

The Islamic view of God starts by saying that the entire Christian and Jewish way of finding God is all wrong and offers the world a god who is neither, knowable or approachable. Their Allah is not particularly, friendly nor likeable and he is certainly not a loving god.
Socialism as an entity has no basis for God at all. Their god is the state as they make it. They are prone to make fun of those who believe in God, believing, themselves, to be far too intelligent to have any need or desire for one.
Our general understanding of God affects the way we see all the rest of our world.