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Without absolute truth there really is NO truth.

Without truth all we have left is feelings, hearsay, speculation, and hope. So evidently 80% of the world is basing their strong opinions on one of these. Think about that the next time you hear some loudmouth spouting his/her drivel about how good some socialist program is or what they “reported” on one of the socio/commie “news” programs. In truth most of the people who are so boldly affirming or denying so many things have no idea what it is they are talking about.

There is only one basis for truth, does it agree with sound reasoning, which ultimately honors the only source of truth, that is the Christ. You can argue all day about that being wrong and all you will be is wrong. There is not nearly as much “grey area” as some folks would like us to believe. The only reason some folks get so vehement about their opinions is because they know they can’t really defend their position academically,  or verbally, so they sooner or later have to resort to threatening. That is the entirety of  what islam is based on. If it weren’t for threats of murder, and intimidation of all kinds, islam would cease to exist overnight. The one phrase, “death to infidels” is all that has held the vile thing together for 1400 years.  Mohammad put being born into islam, and death if you ever leave it, into his new “religion” because he knew it would never survive without that level of intimidation and force.