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is recognizing good and evil. We are told, commanded, to love good and hate evil. Without discernment how do we know the difference between the two?, we don’t. Fools call evil good and good evil. Proverbs 2:3, tells us to “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding”. I am so sick of “appeasers” who know nothing of who they are trying to get along with. There is such vast ignorance in our nation when it comes to actually understanding right and wrong, it’s no wonder we have the “evil in high places”, that is bringing our good nation down.


“But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals they too will perish”. 2 Peter 2:12  Just an apt description for the followers of islam, taken from the, believable, Christian Bible.

It is interesting

that people can say how “narrow” the Christian religion is and at the same time be very “broad minded” and say how we should be accepting of islam. A person is born into islam and cannot opt out upon threat of death, THAT is narrow minded. And should a person stupidly choose to become a muslim and latter decide they don’t want to be one, they too can be instantly marked for death. THAT is narrow minded. Christianity allows you to make a personal choice. The God of Christianity says “come now and let us reason together”.

Close All Mosques

in Western nations until an equal number of Christian Churches are built AND maintained in muslim nations. …Oh how stupid it is for the world not to realize the utter evil of this simple disparity. How evil it is for the vile mainstream media to NOT get on board about the truth of islam. I truly hate evil and our mainstream (ABC CBS NBC CNBC CNN and 99% of ALL “news” papers) media are the most effective purveyors of ALL this islamic evil.

We have to get this:

To a muslim when we are being nice to them we are being subservient to them. They have a completely different outlook on life than those in the dumb West. When you let a muslim get his/her way you are being obedient to them and they are instantly the superior. The koran does not teach them to be nice, kind considerate, etc. The koran ONLY teaches superiority and inferiority. even among their own families and households. They are ALL still stuck in the clan and their lives revolve around what the leader, (usually the most brutal) man has to say.

A truly spiritual person

cannot read the koran without feeling a strong sense of revulsion and having a gut wrenching, vomiting effect. The koran is so clearly a vile extension of the presence of satan that anyone with the Spirit of the true and living God in them is repulsed and horrified. Clearly the devil and momad simply took passages and phrasings from the Bible and twisted them and created that book of evil. The devil loves twisting TRUTH and love and turning it into hate and lie.

Look lets face it

Momad was an evil, cruel, twisted, demonized, creature who was born into a barbarian clan in the late 6th century. He created a “religion” which was built on murder, theft, robbery, cruelty and maintained through terrorizing. Therefor the more his followers show dedication to him the more they become just like him. That is why I say EVERY muslim is a cruel, brutal, evil person who lives to honor their fabricated “god” by murdering anyone who does not live in obedience to him. Why does this seem complicated to most folks?

World War III

“This is the first unconventional world war we’ve ever had. It is World War III. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t figured that out yet,” John Gilliam (ex Seal and FBI agent) said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show”
The muslim devils will make Hitler and his brown shirts look like choir boys. I guess the lying media think they are being “loving” by not telling the truth about islam, but “love without truth is just another lie” and this stack of lies are going to get our nation and world into deep trouble.


A “moderate” muslim

is simply a clever muslim who is waiting for the real muslim, isis type, to come in and start taking over so that they can JOIN in the beheading fun. When I think what muslims would do to my grand children I am absolutely livid at the willing assisters and the arrogant ignorant fools who are saying how we must be tolerant.

Do not even try

To tell me there is one “moderate” muslim on the planet, A “moderate” muslim is “moderate until a strong (real) muslim says they can NO longer be “moderate”, The damnable koran does NOT allow ANY muslim to be “moderate” The ONLY reason for any muslim to seem “moderate” is for the purpose of hudna, TEMPORARY truce. They ALL must be jihadists until the madi takes over the world, then even they become complete slaves to him.