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Have to write again

I just read an article about the puppet, idiot, fool for the socialist gun grabbers, Andy Parker. Here is a guy who is more taken up with his socialist agenda than he is with the reality of the evil creature that murdered his daughter. It’s almost like he was just waiting for a “real” opportunity to present itself so he could get on every willing complicit, lying news program to spew his prepared vitriol. He is soooo typical of the “progressive” mind set. There is no place for reasoned conversation and truth all he has is lies and more lies to build his pitiful platform of threatening hate. You know he is a card carrying lib/prog/socio because of the way he is being welcomed with wide open arms by the lib/prog/socio media. What the heck he will probably become a movie star with the lying looser’s of Follywood fawning all over him.

Is God “always in a good mood”

Putting it in purely anthropomorphic terms, I can see where God has on a few ocassions said “wait a minute I don’t have to put up with that”. There was the first thing there in the garden when He got a bit ticked with Adam. He told ol Adam “I am going to curse the ground because of what you did. ( thank you very much Adam!) Then there was the thing with Noah. I mean wiping out everything that had breath and saving only Noah’s family, He had to be a little irritated to do that. ┬áHe got upset with the whole human race and said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever for they are corrupt”, they shall live only 120 years, that’s from some reaching nearly a thousand years of age. This decision was made just before the Noah and his ark thing, but I put it after because it didn’t get put into place until after Noah. Another time was when He strongly considered incinerating the entire nation of Jews, because they were being jerks, and starting over with Moses and his family.

I can only wonder what He is considering for this present generation? There is more evidence of evil taking over this planet than at any time in recorded  history. Anyone else out there thinking, as I am, that it may be time for him to send that awesome Son of his back to just wrap this whole thing up?