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“Having the mind of Christ”

A good definition of having the mind of Christ is, “the capacity for spiritual truth, awareness of the divine, and recognizing good and hating evil”  I have no hesitation to say emphatically that I utterly hate islam because it is the most insidious evil creeping over our planet at this very hour. There is nothing more diabolic which is threatening the existence of humankind than islam and its co- conspirator socialism. The fact that they are so obviously working in concert at this time is nothing short of clear evidence of the existence of an absolute evil. The two are complete enemies and could not exist together if they were left to their own devices but because there is good on the earth, represented by Jews and Christians, they, being the epitome of evil, must work together to eradicate the good. If the good were to be removed the resulting chaos, cruelty, and barbarity would make what ISIS is doing today look like a sunday school gathering.

Why people want kings and queens

There will always be those sad needy folk, like the pathetic young man like person,  who cry out for some dictator leader type to “be a daddy to us”. After Hitler was vanquished there were those who wandered through the streets crying out “oh father father how will we survive, who will care for us now”. The ignorant, the fools, the easily led, the lazy and indolent will always support the strong care-taker type of dictators, such as we have in our White House at this present time. You see kings and queens give a sense of permanence and comfortable continuity. That is why the British waste so much money and effort on maintaining their useless “monarchy”. The Brits are a likeable people just none to bright in general. Then again about half the pathetic freeloaders who voted for our present, would be, monarch are obviously none to bright either. Pretty pathetic world in general.

The vastness of space

has made scifi pretty outdated. The whole star wars, star trek, genre is sort of silly now. I believe it was Carl Sagan who said something like “the more we learn about space the more we realize man will never be able to venture far enough to find other worlds”. The human body just doesn’t qualify for the time involved, even if we could ever make a space craft that would approach the speed of light. So there goes another opportunity for humankind to replace God and His son Jesus Christ, how discouraging that must be for the atheist whose religion is “science”. Carl and Issac Asimov, and like minded, will have to look for other ways to prove there is no God.

We are obligated to hate evil

The verses in the Bible about hating evil are not suggestions, they are  commands, if we are unable to do that we lose. the whole IGNORANT P C  crap is completely designed so that evil can win. If we cannot say what is evil and what is good then we have no will, no drive, no courage, no purpose, and no readiness to lay down our lives for what we believe, because basically we don’t believe anything. How stupid is it to see the enemy at the door completely ready to murder us and we just invite him in because we don’t have anything to live for anyway. Americans gave up America when they gave up believing in an absolute. The absoluteness  of Jesus Christ is not some weak, spineless, maybe sort of thing, those who stand up for Him will have Him standing with them. We must raise an army for truth once again. We have to believe in a good in order to fight against an evil.

The first sin

Was that time when Eve believed the first lie. The whole battle between the truth and the lie began right then and has not abated since. Nations have been built on the lie or the truth, kings have come and gone, some based their reign on the truth some on the lie. Right on in to this present time where we have half of our world wanting to live in the truth and half who are quite comfortable living in their lie. And what was the immediate result of following the lie? Humankind got the the knowledge of good and evil. The whole concept of good and evil seems to bother folks these days, it is something they would just as well not have to deal with, most just choose to act like it really doesn’t exist. So these whole 6000 years we have had this “great knowledge” and it has been the direct cause of untold misery, cruelty and murder, and the brilliant folks of this generation are trying their best to ignore it. A bit ironic isn’t it, well I believe the world is about to get a serious lesson in the difference between good and evil, let me summarise, God is good satan is evil, the Christ is good all else is evil.

Wise as a serpent gentle as a dove

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves”. Matt. 10:16…. There is much wisdom in this verse of course, but the problem is that most folks like being “gentle”, agreeable, and kind but few want to “study to show themselves approved” so that they can do the “wise” part. We literally have a nation of fools who are almost completely ignorant of what it takes to be wise. The “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, most are so bereft of any real knowledge of the one true God and His Son and Holy Spirit that they don’t have a clue that serious respect of that triune God is required to even begin to have wisdom. We are truly a dumbed down nation. God help us, only He can.

Continuing a thought

I mentioned yesterday that there was going to be a “dog eat dog world”. I need to enlarge that thought, it is in truth going to be a dog eat human world. With around 77 million dogs in America, should/when society breaks down there are going to become somewhere around 77 million feral dogs within a very short time.  To put that into a different perspective think seven million wolf  packs within a few months of societal breakdown. Do you really want to be a part of a gun free zone? Of course dogs are not the only “animal” that runs in packs and kills at will. think race haters, muslims, socialists without their drugs, and various other brutal murdering thug gatherings. There is even a Bible verse for this dog/beasts problem. See Revelation 6:8

No joy in Mudville

The ONLY one reason there is ANY hope , peace, happiness, thankfulness, or purpose on the entire earth is because of the Christ and His followers, here is how I know that. Just consider  the fact that the very word good comes from God. If all the good were ever taken away then that would only leave evil. Think about the poor ignorant souls celebrating the removal of all Christians and their influence. Vacuums are made to be filled and it would be merely a matter of hours, maybe two or three days, before evil took their place, may happen instantly. Obviously I nor any other human really knows, but the partiers the celebrators, are generally the last to know, these would wake to a very different world. No more “goodday mate”, no more  “here let me help you”, no more ” I’m sorry”, no hope, no gladness, no helpfulness , no thankfulness. It would become a “dog eat dog” world ( literally with over 500 million dogs [77 million in US] turned loose) very quickly. …. But for now we are still here so “God Bless” and “have a very good day”.

Does anyone even care

About TRUTH? There is so much insanity going on in the world today I don’t believe anyone cares much about those who would be “the watch men on the wall”. There are major cataclismic possibilities headed our way. War is eminent on half a dozen fronts, the ugly hoards of islam are trying to totally swamp our western nations and turn us all into resettlement camps or ultimately concentration camps. The race-baiters are ramping up their game, trying to totally destroy this good nation.The world economy is in probably one of the worst conditions it possibly has ever been. Evil is the source of all this and no one even wants to hear or deal with the  word, much less the reality, of good and evil. I guarantee you one, two or all of these could blow up, collapse, or implode at any time and there could be very long term, very difficult conditions. I believe the ONLY  thing that will pull us out of certain destruction is vast revival of the Christian faith and that almost has to happen immediately. … Hey “have a good day”

Absolute Lie

I know there is evil because of people like Kohomani of Iran, Michael Moore, Bart Ehrman, Richard Dawkins, the devils of ISIS, and all the other thousands of outspoken Jesus haters. If they were simply anti the concept of God and Jesus, they would just ignore them and their followers, but they are driven to destroy all vestige of God because they are filled with an evil which is greater than themselves. They are not evil because of what they do but because of the evil which is controlling them. They do and promote evil because of the lie that makes up the foundation of all they are. Beside many of them make a pretty good living from hating God and His followers.