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There Is No Beauty In Islam

No music, no singing, no laughter, no joy, no peace, no happiness, no fun, no appreciation of the opposite sex, and no hope. Legalism kills the soul and all islam is, is legalism. There is such a sad pathos in islam, there is no mechanism to grow and learn, better yourself, direct your own life, or realize your own ability. The muslim is continually under the watchful eye of the legalist evil imams and various other self serving leaders. True islam can do nothing but lead to total despair and eventually death. It is designed by satan to exterminate all human existence. There is ONLY one hope for mankind and that is found in the Christ, the promised one, sent by the only true God to redeem mankind from eternal damnation. I truly feel sad for the muslims and wish they could have enough freedom from their hell to at least get the chance to hear about the saving grace of jesus.

Civilization can only be established on absolute truth

Of course there can be knuckle dragging barbarians living on the earth but it takes some form of cohesive reason, based on what most of the residents would consider truth, in order to actually have a developing, thriving, hopeful society. All the “civilizations” down through history clearly reveal what I am saying. The Mayans, the Chinese dynasties, the Egyptians, the Romans, and many others were all based on some sort of “religion” which held them together. The fact that they all disappeared proves that the only reason there are still Jews and Christians is because they are the only ones based on the absolute truth of an absolute God. America is founded on the principals of the Bible, and it is the single best example of what can happen when a people are united around the ultimate absolute truth. The only reason America is in trouble at this time is because we have allowed the lie of feelings rather than the truth of the Christ to become our way of thinking and doing things. The Jews are still around only because they are still, even though feebly, representatives of the true God of heaven. Just wait and watch and you will see more and more people lining up along the lines of hate for the true God of the Christians and the Jews or with those who are willing to embrace the principles of the true word of the living God, the bible. The war which is coming is truly going to be the ultimate battle between Good and Evil.


"If we want the truth, everyone ought to be free to say what he thinks without fear" Ralph Waldo Emerson. There is that pesky word again TRUTH, the dang thing just keeps popping up. The demo/progressivo/socio/commios among us just hate it, the Muslims hate it, in fact EVERYONE who has based their entire life on the LIE hate it and they in turn hate everyone who embraces it. The Muslims can't stand the thought of everyone knowing what Islam is actually all about, and the socio/commies are doing all they can to see that that doesn't happen. Liars of all stripes are so deathly afraid of the truth about Jesus the Christ becoming more wide spread that they are willing to support the worlds most evil "religion" in order to prevent that. I can make the comparison here between the communists who move into an area and gain the support of thugs, biker gang types, who stupidly assist them but when the commies get greater control the thugs are the first to be imprisoned or murdered because then they are a threat. So it is with Muslims they will use anyone who will support them but as soon as they gain control those same ignorant fools will be the first to "convert" be subjugated, or be killed. Islam was founded on ignorance and is maintained through ignorance.

We develop anti virus for germs don’t we.

We create pesticides to control pests which destroy crops, so that we can feed ourselves and half the world. We kill snakes and spiders and all manner of creatures that threaten us. So can someone tell me why we are opening wide our nation to the most deadly virus ever created? Islam was created to completely destroy civilization. Islam has caused the deaths of over a million Christians in the last decade and there is absolutely NO outcry, NO outrage, NO demanding to know what is being done to stop this deadly virus. We get national attention when there are three people that come into America who have the ebola virus, and yet we are inviting hundreds of thousands of  much deadlier virus carrying creatures in and giving them our care and support. They are sucking up our welfare and taxing our ability to care for ourselves and for that we get slapped in the face, spat on, made fun of, and daily threatened. If they were honest they would all wear a sign on their shirts, “I am a muslim and I am here to kill you”. Their doctrine of jihad (holy war) is being flagrantly carried out all over the western nations, through their “hijrah” (migration invasion). The most important thing we need to look for in our next president and congress people is how well they understand what I am writing here.

Culture or simply good versus evil?

Everyday we hear or read of some “racists” attack or of some cultural difference causing great problems, while at the same time completely avoiding the fact that it is usually directly caused by ideology. All wars are ultimately religious wars, and I don’t care how uncomfortable it is to say a muslim attacked a Christian, or a muslim attacked a Jewish person, the fact remains that it is their religion, their born into ideology, which makes them do heinous things. Calling it race or culture does nothing to identify the real problem. Those who are obfuscating the absolute fact that islam is totally incapable of “getting along” with any other ideology are doing nothing but aiding and abetting the progress of that evil thing. The world is not dealing with complicated cultural matters we are simply seeing the distinction between good and evil. The war which is about to begin will be the final battle between the forces of good and the minions of evil.

Less God more devil

The absence of God in society creates a vacuum which just naturally is filled with the devil and his evil creatures. So why is anyone surprised that we have a nation and a world that is rapidly spiraling into a pit of violence and degradation. We have the perfect catalyst in place for the perfect storm of death and destruction. We have liars in high places who care nothing for God  and don’t like His people either. I have to ask, do liars ever tire of lying? The female creature running for president is such an unmitigated liar that she lies even when she doesn’t have to. And the ones who love her love her lies and all, liars like each other. Truth becomes evil to liars when they come to power. Of course they don’t call anything evil because they do not want to even deal with the thought of the word. Good and evil become non words when satan is having his way. There are so many who have totally embraced an anti God life that there is little hope for ever reaching them with truth. They become insulated from truth the further they get into their “tribal” enclave which is completely based on lies. Love disappears and hate becomes the norm. Homosexuals, race-baiters, muslims, socialists, etc. all become a team based on hate of truth.

Satan loves ignorant people.

It is only an educated and empowered society that can hold a civil society together. God likes for people to study and learn and use our talents and abilities to be a blessing to others. God gave us our amazing brains and He wants us to use them, of course there are those who get so much “education” that they think they are then smarter than God and no longer need him, all that is, is education without wisdom. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, and education without wisdom is obviously dangerous. There are way to many educated fools, these days and a whole lot of them have found their way into leadership positions which are going to do nothing but destroy our good nation. It has for the most part been the ignorant the immoral and the amoral who have assisted the evildoers in gaining their dictatorial powers. I don’t see much hope of turning this whole mess around without a massive return to the Christ

Without God there is no good

God is the creator and the very essence of all good so without Him there is no good, and if there is no good there is no hope, and without hope there is no reason for human life on this planet. That is what the world is experiencing at this time. The attacks on all that is good or all that represents God are multiplying in number and intensity. Satan thinks his time has come to destroy all human existance. He is using islam and socialism combined to bring about his evil desires. Both islam and socialism are hopeless entities, they have no recognizable qualities which can reverse a societal downward spiral. If all carriers of good (Christians) should ever disappear from the planet the demonic destruction, which islam and socialism have partnered  to bring about would never end, human civilization would be completely extinguished. The last disheveled creature to be left standing would be a slobbering muttering, totally insane muslim which most likely would be eaten by wild dogs or feral pigs.

Real islam

The evil murdering, torturing, terrorizing creatures who call themselves the islamic state islamic levant are the perfect representatives of islam today. and there are those who know it full well but who are doing all they can to cover that truth up. They are either co conspirators or they are appeasers. The newly elected prime minister of Canada is an appeaser. Appeasers believe that the crocodile will eat them last, if they are just nice to them. Islam has ONE goal and that is to make the entire world come under sharia. The poor befuddled Trudeau is so idealistically ignorant that he believes he can befriend the muslims and they will actually like him. ALL he is is another useful idiot. Israel has lost her last friend and ugly things are coming. But in the long run the ugly ol devil always oversteps himself and his hand will be shown and there will be those who are ready and willing to to do battle and he will again be defeated, maybe this time for the last time.

proof islam = insanity = islam

A muslim purposely runs his car into several people standing at a bus stop then gets out and starts choping them with an ax or meat cleaver. These people were no threat to him they had done nothing personally to offend him other than he was muslim and they were Jews. Islam had simply driven him into insanity. Here in America a young demonized male creature shot and killed 9 young students at a college and wounded 9 others. We call him deranged or insane. The muslim will be celebrated as a hero by all his fellow muslims for his act of insanity because ALL muslims are equally as insane as the the one who perpetrated the murderous assault on the innocent Jews. The ONLY logical answer is that islam drives ALL its adherents insane. Can anyone refute me on that?