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Have you ever stopped and given thought to the whole concept of Thanksgiving? Who are people giving thanks to and for what? Most of the people in America only see the holidays as some time off from work or school and another opportunity to drink and eat in an extra indulgent way. Sooooo who gets credit for that, the government. the boss, the old boys who set up the national holidays? I for one am entirely grateful I know the one who is “the giver of every good and perfect gift”, the true God of heaven, the Father of Lights, the lover of my soul, the one who made himself known by allowing his son to come to earth to be our sacrifice so that we might have the opportunity to miss hell and make heaven. This awesome wonderful kind and gentle Father is the one I am thankful to, as I fully recognize that without the Christ I would have no capacity for being thankful. There is NO other people group other than Christians who have this gift of a thankful heart, certainly not the followers of mohammad.

Unreasoning creatures

I have touched on this a time or two, but I just can’t help but continually think of this verse when I hear of another attack by a muslim on a non muslim and even on a “wrong thinking” other muslim. “They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals they too will perish” 2 Peter 2:12. They truly are the epitome of unreasoning animals.The koran has such a mind altering power over them, and their natural affinity toward blood lust renders them incapable of all reason. They are simply driven insane and that is an exact reflection of their “prophet” mo the mad. One and a half BILLION people trapped in insanity by the insanity of one old barbarian devil from the 7th century, now THAT is insanity and it only works because truth is not standing up to the evil thing. The bottom line of the madness is that if they kill off all the reasoning true God followers all they will have left is their madness and it will destroy them, and “they too will perish” and satan would win, because he hates ALL humans. The muslims are simply tools of destruction.

“Peace through strength”

That was President Reagan’s motto when he was first running for president. Today we as a nation have been dumbed down to believe in peace through wussieness. The leaders who are encouraging this sort of attitude are really not that dumb, they know  that when a people have lost sight of their reason to be great or good they can be manipulated quite easily. This dumbing down has been going on for three or four decades now and it is working very well. Right now the MSM, the White House, much of the Judicial, most of our “educational” and the majority of the “entertainment” industry are working in harmony to complete the destruction of Americas constitution. Evil hates truth and right now evil smells victory, like sharks when they smell blood in the water they are anticipating a mad feeding frenzy. Satan always oversteps himself however and I believe there are going to be powerful clashes all over the world as good rises up to meet evil head on. We may be even witnessing the “signs”, that have been spoken of for thousands of years, of the final battle between good and evil.

The most distressing thing is

There are so many who simply are soooo ignorant of islam that they keep refering to terrorist islam and radical islam, or moderate islam. There was an article this evening on TR daily which was revealing “86 mosques” that were “radical”, that is simply stupid to continually be supporting the idea that there is bad islam and good islam. Islam is evil, ALL islam is evil there are no good mosques. There are over 2000 mosques in our nation and every single one of them is using the koran. How am I one of so few who can see that it is the damnable KORAN that makes muslims what they are.  EVERY muslim is “radical”. Of course we have seen many muslims who have “gotten along” in Western nations for years but I am trying to shout it from the roof tops that there is ONLY! WEAK ISLAM AND STRONG ISLAM!!!!! It is all taqiyya, hudna, and hijrah. When/if the time comes for them to do what they are ALL eagerly anticipating, the great JIHAD, they will all turn on us as quickly as rattle snake on a mouse. Ask the Yizidi people ask the Sudanese people, ask the Jewish People. Please educate yourselves!

The site I am referring to:

We’re nice people

Yes we are, we always want to think well of everyone, that is just the way we are raised in the Western societies. But when it comes to islam we cannot look at the individual persons we must look much deeper and find exactly what motivates them. I can understand when some people keep saying “of course not all muslims are terrorists”, or “when are the moderate muslims going to speak out against the atrocities of ISIS and all the other radical groups”? or how about this one “I have had muslim friends for years”. The TRUTH is ALL muslims are terrorists, and even when a few muslims do show up to decry the bad things ISIS Et al are doing they are simply following their taqiyya protocol. And last, NO you do not have “a muslim friend”, if ISIS or CAIR or any of the demonic groups doing real islam show up watch how quickly they turn on you and point you out as an infidel. ISLAM is the enemy, always has been always will be, until we come to understand such as I have just written and do all we can to get it out of our part of the world.

Evil Hates Truth

George Soros and Obama are evil. It really doesn’t take much of a stretch to say that, all you really need to do is follow the things they support and promote. Soros is not shy about his promoting of socialism/communism/totalitarianism, he is quite proud of his accomplishments. Having a lot to do with getting obama elected was one of his best. Now just the other day the b o in the White House blatantly stated that we would have millions of refugies in America. Of course most of those would be muslims if he can get his way, and since islam is the greatest invention satan ever devised there is one of Baracks obvious bents toward evil. His pushing of socialized medicine, his teachers, his advisers, his “friends”, literally everything about him is socio/commie evil, and you don’t even have go looking for the fact of it. Folks obamas greatest desire and goal is world dominion through islam, the man is sheer evil, and that is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Religious Muslims Are Liars

Seriously a good muslim who is dedicated to his/her ‘religion” are trained to lie from birth. If you don’t know this you need to because it will keep you from doing and saying really stupid things. For instance going to “interview” muslims and ask them what they think of what ISIS is doing is like asking the hangman if he likes hanging people, he may actually like hanging people but because it is not the acceptable thing  to say at the time he will probably say no. Muslims who love their allah do like what ISIS is doing but if they are living among Westerners at the moment they will most likely come up with some sort of acceptable response. You see ALL muslims want their mahdi, their “guided one” to come and rid the earth of all non muslims, that is the, koran expressed, goal/command for ALL muslims. They know that is not going to set well with the Western, somewhat Christian, free thinkers so when the muslims are in the minority they will be polite and demure but they are LYING. So save yourself the trouble of even asking muslims what they think because all you are going to get is a lie.

The God haters are in power

The main reason Jews and Christians are coming under attack is simply because there are so many God Haters in high places, Of course the MSM (Main Stream Media)  have been God haters for many years, 40 at least, and our educational system has been steadily taken over by God haters since the late seventies. The majority of our judicial system has been run by God haters, for the last 30+ years. Many state and local leaders are, if not flat out God haters, they are mostly God ignorers. So it is no wonder there is increasing hate toward Christians and Jews. Satan hates Christians and Jews the most because they more than all others represent the God of the universe. Muslims on the other hand represent the devil himself so that is the reason they are so “acceptable” by the God haters. You see it is really very simple once you understand.

Just A dumb World

The differences we are experiencing have very little to do with ethnicity, race, or any societal differences. The glaring differences are simply coming down to THE battle between GOOD and EVIL. Ignorance is the number one killer in today’s world. The “dumbing down of America” has really worked, in fact the dumbing down of the entire world is pretty much in effect right now. The gap that has developed between the truth and the lie has become so wide that it is simply indiscernible. In other words the truth and the lie are so far apart that to most people the truth doesn’t even have an opportunity to be considered. Most people seem to not be bothered by the lack of truth or do not want to be bothered by the truth. Like what’s that ? or who cares?  or who says? I guess it has become to bothersome to search for the truth. Complacency has been the main factor in the destruction of every major society over the centuries, I guess America is simply following the pattern. Pentecostal revival could turn it around but will it happen strong enough soon enough? Some seem to think so others are not so sure. Some evidently believe Jesus won’t or can’t return in their lifetime or their children”s lifetime. I have a little problem with that. I am wondering just how bad does it have to get for the “believers” to get a clue?

Joel Rosenberg is WRONG !!!!

“At the core of it, American leaders are refusing to deal with the theology and eschatology of our enemy,” he said. “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Muslim is a threat, not every Muslim is a problem – in fact the vast majority are not.”…  Either Mr. Rosenberg is trying his best to be “kind” to some muslims or he is delusional. It is almost as if he is using “double speak”. On the one hand he is saying how “our leaders are misunderstanding islam” then in the same sentence he is totally misunderstanding, or misinterpreting islam himself. YES “EVERY MUSLIM IS A PROBLEM”. Being a problem is what islam is!!!! It is from its creation and by design a problem on the whole earth. It is the devils most effective creation, and it is not by accident that it is rearing its ugly evil head at this time. Read revelation 12:12 and you will see what is pushing this cancerous evil across the planet.