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Animals live in fear:

In truth all animals live in constant fear. They are all somewhere on the food chain.

Rom 8:19
For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.
Rom 8:20
Against its will, all creation was subjected to God’s curse. But with eager hope,
Rom 8:21
the creation looks forward to the day when it will join God’s children in glorious freedom from death and decay.
Rom 8:22
For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.

And pretty much ALL humans have had about enough also  am thinking. Maybe it is about time for the Father to send His Son back to get this mess once and for all straightened out.

The perfect dictator:

Yes God is a dictator, Hallel Lu Ja!!!! The perfect form of governance is a purely benevolent dictator. Of course there has never been any human who was, or could ever be, that. No human being has the capacity to be that good. “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God, there is none righteous NO NOT ONE!” Rom. 3:10. No not even YOU, who are reading this. Can you imagine Hillary as president, she is already trying to be a dictator even as a nobody, she could easily become one of the worst dictators the world has ever witnessed. And Bernie Sanders is telling us, every time he opens his mouth, that he fully intends to be Americas next  dictator. Donald Trump could quite easily turn toward dictatorship. Lets face it folks if your mother or sweet baby sister were to be put into leadership and given enough power either one would become a dictator. It is in the human gene to dictate. So we all need to be glad that the ultimate final power over all creation is the wonderful benevolent dictator, GOD!

Where did all the dictators come from?

Seriously, I cannot name one nation on the planet that does not have a dictator or a dictator wannabe running it. How did we come to this unbelievable situation in so short a time. Throughout history there have always been dictators here and there but they were generally recognized and loathed, but now all the world loves their dictators. Even here in America it seems half the people went brain dead overnight and fell for the make believe savior of the world. There has to be something at work beyond the “normal” for such a negative drastic “sea change” in so short a time. There are very obvious dictators, such as the little demon running North Korea, and all the 57 leaders (whatever they are called) of the pathetic muslim nations are by “religion” dictators. China is returning to its cruel dictator sort of governance, Putin is a dictator, most all of Europe is being throttled by dictatorial leadership. Obviously America is being run by a dictator. Like I say none of this has just sorta happened, there is great evil forces at work and it is being orchestrated by the dictator of dictators himself the old dragon of hell.

“Woe to you inhabitants of the earth, for Satan has come down to you and he is filled with fury for he knows his time is short.” Revelation 12:12

“No joy in Mudville

The mighty Casey has struck out”.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Mudville – mighty Casey has struck out.

For all the non thinkers, non reasoners, and non understanders, here in America, who voted for obama, there is only  pathos for their “hope and change” guy. What he has actually brought is death and destruction. If history were to ever be real and honest again, the evil creature would be established as one of the top 5  most destructive individuals, to civilization ever recorded. In all probability he could be considered the single most horrible thing that ever happened to the world. He has done so much to advance the vile “religion” of islam,  more than even mo the mad himself. The world wide effect of his sycophantic fawning over islam has emboldened the nasty demon infested dictatorship like no one else has been able to do, to the extent that the murderous thing is set to destroy all of civilization.

“When the wicked rise to power the people groan, but when the righteous rule there is great joy and happiness” Proverbs 26:12

There is no joy in the world the evil obama has hit his homerun.

Islam has contributed NOTHING

Well actually islam has contributed a lot of evil brutality, and barbarian ignorance to the world, but it has contributed NOTHING of ANY value, nor can it! Islam has no capacity within it for doing good. Oh there have been some muslims who have earned their own way to some extent here and there but that has always been within the framework of what Christianity has already established. The very root of islam is such a warped twisted lie that there is absolutely nothing but rotten “fruit” which can come from it. “It is truly an ill wind which can blow no one any good”. Islam functioning on its own would, in one generation drag the world into a 7th century morass.

Hate toward Israel

All the hate being directed toward Israel at this time is surely no coincidence either. You cant tell me that ol satan is not the one ramping up the vile haters of islam to come and destroy his most hated people group, the Jews. Islam was originally designed to be the destroyer of the Jews left from the diaspora of 70 AD. When that failed then he came up with pogroms wherever they went, then of course his boy Hitler was supposed to put the finishing touches to completely removing any history or presence of Jews on the earth. So now we come to today and he is once again gearing up the nasty muslims along with the complicit socialists, to do the final dirty work. I can only be dumbfounded by those who will not or cannot see what is happening at this amazing moment in history. There has NEVER been a time like this, ever. Gods final plan, is the ONLY thing that explains the rapid decent of America, through the ignorance of so many fools who want the likes of an obama to rule over them. Simple ignorance cannot be the answer for so many to become suddenly so completely debased and stupid, it takes a strong introduction of sudden demonic influence.

I know Christianity is true

One of the strongest arguments for Christianity is the vehemence and vitriol it produces in its enemies. If Christianity were not true, if it was just some little made up program with no history or serious foundation to support it, then the other “religions”, socialism included, would not spend near the time and effort they do to attack it and desire to rid the earth of it. The enemy, the devil, pretty much gets along with all the other major religions of the world because he was the designer of all of them, including socio/commieism. If Hinduism, Buddhism,  islam,  Shintoism, ancestor worship, or any of the cults such as  Mormonism, or Jehovah wittness, …anything, other than Christianity  were to ever actually rule the planet the entire world would be a dark and evil place. Even Judaism, as good as it started out could not do what the Christ did.  So take heart fellow Christ followers when they “persecute you”, all they are doing is proving the TRUTH about the Christ and Christianity!!! And by the way it is perfectly “legal” to defend ourselves in any and every way we can whatever that might look like.

There is NO reason in islam

The Bin Laden manual succinctly sums up islam.:

“Islamic governments have never and will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established, as they always have been, by pen and gun by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth. The confrontation that islam calls for with godless nations does not know Socratic debate, Platonic ideals, nor Aristotelian diplomacy. It knows only the dialogue of bullets the ideals of assassination, bombing and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine gun.”…

The ignorant placating efforts of this present pope are not only doomed to failure, the worse thing is that his stupidity is only going to strengthen the muslims resolve and allow them time to become better equipped to destroy him, his weak religion, and every other non muslim in their path. The have a name for it, it is hudna and they are laughing themselves silly over his ignorance.

Bacteria and remedies

The world health organization says we are about to run out of effective antibiotics. When that happens, possibly within a few short years, the value  of medical help will be greatly diminished. Small wounds can lead to death and large ones most likely will.  …..

Islam is like a bacteria it makes a wound in its host nation and becomes a great nasty foul smelling pus pocket of vileness. There is no remedy for islam either. The only real thing that can be done with islam is to keep it contained  in some arid waste land, maybe like the corner of arabia.


The real evil

The real evil of evil is the ignorance of evil. As long as evil doesn’t have a name it can get away with…. well …. being evil. Once it gets a name like say islam, then people can have something to look at. Islam loves being seen as a religion, because then it can seem worthwhile, acceptable, even important, and something having rights and privileges. As soon as it is seen for what it is, a totally brutal despicable, totalitarian form of government, then people have a frame of reference for dong something to keep it out of the freedom loving nations. The MSM have an agenda which is totally evil also, but as long as people see them as “news” networks then they continue to have some legitimacy and their evil plans for helping establish a one world government can go undetected. Socialism of course has always been a horrible evil thing too, but as long as there are large numbers of those who want the state to take care of them then they will continue to give validity to an otherwise totally evil form of totalitarian government. So the main problem with evil is the almost total lack of anyone recognizing it for what it truly is.