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Nazism and Islam

Nazism, believed in the master race and islam believes in the master religion, and there is no real difference between them. Nazism hated Jews and Christians and islam hates Jews and Christians. Nazism was created by a very evil, demonized  creature, Hitler, and islam was created by a very evil demonized creature mohammad. Nazism was a brutal totalitarian, dictatorship, and islam is a brutal totalitarian, dictatorship. Nazism had a goal of destroying the entire Jewish race, then coming after all the Christians, Islam has a clearly stated goal of destroying the entire Jewish race, and then doing the same to all Christianity. Good people slowly came awake and aware of what nazism was all about and destroyed it, likewise good people are slowly becoming awake and aware of the hate filled goal of islam and will destroy it.


Mistletoe is a the cute little evergreen plant that has been used for years as a symbol of love. Kissing under the mistletoe has been around for a long time. In TRUTH it is a deadly leech. You can see it hanging in trees in many places, it looks like a little clump hanging here and there within its host tree. It takes a while but over few years it is quite evident as the clumps grow larger and there is more of them. After some more time you see more mistletoe than the leaves of the tree. Not much later all you see is mistletoe. If you get close to the tree you will see that all the leaves of the tree are DEAD. In fact the entire tree is DEAD or very soon will be. The mistletoe will continue to be green for quite some time , but in truth it too is now dying because it has SUCKED the entire life out of its host, and since mistletoe is ONLY a parasite it has nothing with which to sustain itself and it completely dies.
To me THAT is the perfect description of isslime!!!!!!!