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Our poor military leaders,

Having to deal with the likes of the pathetic dysfunctional b o in the White House, it must be about the hardest part of their job. It can be likened to an intelligent adult having to deal with a spoiled, truculent, little brat, of a child, who has been given much authority by an inheritance. Can you imagine having the safety of millions of people you are responsible for and having to run your needs and all your plans through that, constitution hating, amoral socio/commie? I can only believe there is a good God and some yet wise men, still looking after America or we would have been destroyed already. I guess we get what we deserve but I look around America and see a lot of good and Godly people still here, and sometimes wonder if we really do deserve a creature as terrible as him to be our president. God help us get someone who has intelligence, a decent heart, and actually cares about America and our guiding principals, for our next president.

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