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Muslims are inhuman

Actually if a muslim could become anything other than a muslim, he/she could have the potential to be human, but the “religion” if islam which makes them a muslim is so horribly degrading of human affection and sensibilities that humanness is unattainable for them. They may as little children have some sense of humanness but even “from the cradle” they begin to be taught hate, so as they grow older the human child-likeness turns into an inhuman, hardhearted, deadness which pervades their entire lives. They lack sympathy, tenderness, warmth, compassion, and pity, and tend to display cruelty, insolence, and brutality, from a quite young age. The females are owned by the males and have little value in their society so they become complacent, withdrawn, sad,  suicidal, and dull of  eyes and countenance.  There is no escape from this inhumanness as long as they are subjected to being a muslim. This surely is satans best tool he ever created to destroy humankind.

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