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When trust turns on you

it is worse than the thing it is supposed to be protecting you from. Lets say a trusted police officer becomes a sly con and criminal himself, but he manages to continue being a police officer for an extended time, that is more damaging than the guy who has been a thief and con all his life. The lying officer has hurt many people in his role as a trusted authority figure and deserves a harsher penalty than the career criminal. So when the Pope, who is the most trusted figure to millions of Catholics, uses his position of authority and trust to beguile millions of people to think the God of the Christians and the “god” of the muslims is the same being he is doing vastly more damage than the vile religion of islam itself. He is masking, covering, hiding its evil intent from millions of people, who need to be informed of its insidious evil intent at an early time, so they can prepare to eliminate it from their midst, before it gets its vile tentacles woven so tightly into the Western fabric of life that it will become very difficult and costly to get free from. So right now the pope, the MSM, and the socio/commies in our government are doing more terror than the muslims themselves. And the Episcopaleans are not much better.

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