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Christians are sitting ducks

There have been hundred’s of thousands of Christians murdered by muslims over the last decade, and the slaughter is raging right up to this minute. Once the muslims began to realize they were going to lose simply by the fact that they could not compete in civilized humanity, they began finding reasons to declare war, and or just go out and kill people at random. Right now, this minute, a Cristian or a Jew is being stalked to be murdered somewhere on this muslim plagued planet. The muslim brother-hood was birthed, around 100 years ago, out of panic by muslime males who suddenly began to realize their chauvinistic, little demon inspired “religion” could turn to dust without them taking some drastic measures. so they started finding ways to revitalize the boys. About that time oil was found under the pitiful wasteland countries most of them lived in and as they say “the rest is history”. They mostly spent all the money attacking, and shoving muslims into (hijrah), the Western nations. They have been creating wars and causing mayhem ever since, until today there is nowhere safe from the devils best horror show,

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