The Absolute Truth

Truth Matters


Definition of insanity:

the best definition of insanity is, “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. That pretty much sums up the Wests relationship with the followers of the virus of islam. Islam is a deadly virus and just like all viruses in order to not be killed by it you must contain it in very controlled environment. For centuries the virus of islam has been mostly contained by it own ineptness and the Wests continual societal advancement. Another couple of generations of both and islam would be mostly some weird, little unheard of, “religion” still practiced by a few odd goat herders’ in some desolate dessert. But sadly there was found a lot of oil under the pitiful sands of it pitiful dwellers, and thus the muslims, by way of doing absolutely nothing to earn their own way, have been given billions of dollars, to do nothing but promote their vile lie all over the world. And the Western nations have been extremely, ignorantly, assisting in their own downfall by allowing the muslims to steadily come in and take over large areas of our nations and suck the very life out of us. So continuously opening your door to a deadly virus does qualify as insanity.

When females finally understand

exactly what islam is all about, then we will begin seeing the effects of the horrible thing begin to diminish. I understand why the muslim females don’t get up in arms, its mostly because the large majority of them are simply ignorant. For one thing they are mostly uneducated or very poorly educated, and of course they are kept very securely terrorized by their brutal dominating husbands, his other wives, and all the males in the family, such is the lot of the pathetic lives of the females trapped it the vile “religion”. But the true ignorance is that of the uncaring females of the Western societies. Way too many women still believe the MSM are giving them some semblance of news, what they don’t realize is that all the major media networks are twisting, obfuscating, and downright lying about everything they say, and especially about islam today. Islam is based on the lies of one particular nasty, dirty, perverted, old 7 century barbarian thug, and ALL the men under his evil influence have to be just like him.  I am hoping and praying many more women SOON come to realize exactly what the filthy males of islamic sharia are planning for all women to have to live under. I would actually hope they will become armed and begin killing the nasty creatures.

“Conscience has been seared”

One of the reasons so few people want to declare, or even think about there being, an ABSOLUTE TRUTH, is because so many are quite comfortable having a “seared conscience”. The book of 1st.Timothy, in the Bible, chapter 4 verse 1&2 says: “The Spirit clearly says that in the last days, some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.” In other words there are going to be vast numbers of people who do not, will not, cannot, even conceive right and wrong or good and bad, they will simply be dedicated to whatever is evil for they no longer have the ability to consider good. In other words they will be wholly owned by satan. It will get ugly folks, don’t allow your conscience to become seared, a healthy conscience is a gift from God.

Time is getting short

Truly there has never been any time on this plant like what we are seeing now. Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, pestilence, dangerous animals, meteors, hate, divisiveness, race baiting, islam raising its violent, horrible, ugly head, bald faced lying from world leaders and the MSM, rampant disrespect for authority, school systems crumbling, and simply evil taking over everywhere. No one can tell me we are not headed for some very troubling and disastrous times. At the same time many thousands of people are coming to salvation in Jesus Christ daily. Truly there is going to be a huge cataclysmic crash soon. The final war that will end ALL wars will be between the forces of good and the forces of evil. The largest portion of people on the side of good will be Christians, while the largest portion on the side of evil will be muslims. Many Jews and any right thinking people will side with the Christians, while the socialists and communists and all anti God type people will assist the islamists. God people and satan people its as simple as that.

Mohammad offers Hell

and you can’t turn the offer down, Jesus offers Heaven and you can turn Him down. You see Jesus is a kind and understanding gentleman, and Mohammad is a brutal, demanding thug. Jesus came and gave His own life as a perfect sacrifice, so that we might be able to stand before the true God, the heavenly Father, clean and pure. Mohammad took the lives of others and intimidated others into following him, and gave them all kinds of stupid legalistic things they had to do in order to make them think they were being “obedient” to some vindictive “god”, which he had completely made up himself. Jesus is good Mohammad is pure evil, my heart aches for millions of muslims to be able to someday understand and freely choose for themselves.


The perfect word for islam: The preponderant influence or dominance of one group over another, or others. Power, control, rule , sway, authority or dominance, is exactly the stated goal of islam. This would end up as brutal authoritarian, crushing power, which would drag the whole world into and ugly abyss. Of course every dictator who has ever been, or will yet be, fits the same description. Hegemony has in fact been what almost every government has been since the dawn of human governance. It has only been since the constitution of the United States of America came along, and created this great nation, and lifted ALL the other nations, of the entire world, that there has been much hope of anything better.  Our God ordained government has truly been a blessing to the world, for actually a relatively short time, but it indeed raised civilization higher than any other form of government that has ever been. I think one would have to be very blind not to realize that is why satan in these “last days” is pulling out all the stops to destroy America and render her influence of no importance. The very thing the creature in the White House is happy to assist with.

Islam cannot be civilized

Civilize: “A stage of social, moral, and cultural development” ……. Civilized: “Having an advanced, humane culture, or society”. ……. Humane: “Characterized by kindness, compassion, gentleness, and understanding toward humans and animals.

Islam cannot ever fit into the civilized definition, simply because it was birthed in brutality, deceit, and wickedness. Its creator was an evil brute and there is absolutely NO way islam can ever be anything other than what he made it. The reason islam is becoming so horrible today is because it has had a huge infusion of wealth because of the worlds need for the accessible crude oil under its otherwise useless sands, and because it realizes it stands no chance of ever becoming a viable power through its influence, so therefore it has to try to gain power by total violence, and intimidation. Muslims realize it is NOW or never for them to gain any world control. If they are not successful in their present attempt and the world goes on without them they will simply become a complete non issue. Even their females will finally gain enough education and understanding that the “religion” of islam is nothing more than the perverted lies of one insane old barbarian from the 7 century, and they will laugh him into the dustbin of history.

All The Blood

That has been shed, all the lives lost, all the wounded and disabled, who have given of themselves to protect and establish our good nation has been squandered by one creature. I have trouble calling it a man because I can only surmise that what we are dealing with is a total controlling lying demon spirit. The one individual I am writing about here is the b o  in the White House. There has never been, in the History of America one single being who has done so much damage to our constitution and our hopeful helpful way of life. I fully realize he is himself a pitiful puppet of a much stronger force. Much of his rise to power has been through the evil of one very wealthy creature named George Soros, and he has been completely supported and moved along by the totally perverted, lying, MSM. Yet the b o in the White house does his evil with great relish and enthusiasm for he truly does hate our good laws, and our freedoms. So we all need to realize what he and his handlers are doing and help others to get educated about their ultimate plans to destroy our nation. Every person living here who has lost a son, a daughter, a mate, or any loved one in any of the armed services, should become irate at the horrible lose which is now tossed away by this one vile demonized creature, who himself obviously loathes our military.

I like serving a Good GOD

I just wish the world could even slightly understand, the GOODNESS of the GOD of Abraham Issac and Jacob. God has tried to make Himself available to His created beings that are made in His very own “image and likeness” for something around 6000 years now. I wonder at His patience, and cannot comprehend the magnitude of His love. It would be unbearably hard for a truly Christian man to send his son into a crowd of cruel, evil men knowing he would be brutally murdered, spit on, and rejected to save the life of one other person.  I cannot fathom the heart of one who is an all powerful being, being willing to do that, fully knowing the whole thing was going to happen, and yet believing it was worth it if only one were saved from His action. Of course many millions have been saved from hell over the centuries, and many still coming to that Son daily, all over the world. But how will the muslims be saved, since they are so ingrained from birth, with hate for the whole idea of the Christ. The Father is still holding out His hand to ANY who will come, but I absolutely believe that offer is very near being withdrawn. He will “catch up” His already saved children home one day in the near future, then there will be seven more very difficult, (3 1/2 especially) years for those who will respond, then it is done. Maybe, just maybe, things will be so chaotic, and uncontrollable that perhaps many muslims will finally have opportunity to search for themselves and find their salvation in Jesus The Christ also, I truly hope so.

Muslims dhimmis and Jizyh

The Western nations (dhimmis) are paying huge amounts of money (jizyh) to the muslims all over the world already. Islam is costing the world billions of dollars daily. Islam is like socialism it cant feed its own deaf, dumb, and blind slaves. Every muslim is emotionally enslaved to a horrible task master and there is no incentive to think, work, plan, dream, hope, or prosper in any way. They are so duped by the thing they think is a religion which serves some god that they have no way of ever becoming viable producers in a civilized sort of society. The root of their society was created by a complete barbarian clan thug, and that is all they will ever know as long as they remain muslims. It is beyond sad it is pathetic, and all the pathetic thing is doing is robbing the entire planet of it vitality. Billions of dollars a day are completely wasted on both, shoring up and defending from, the vile ugliness of islam. I can with NO hesitation declare, I truly DO HATE islam.